Visual Identity for Piola Pastificio: Authentic Italian Food

Piola Pastificio is an authentic Italian pasta maker specializing in fresh, handmade pasta dishes. They are dedicated to quality, authenticity, and craftsmanship, and use traditional techniques to create delicious pasta dishes that capture the flavors and aromas of Italy. In addition to their signature pasta dishes, they offer a hand-picked selection of charcuterie, wine, parmesan, and olive oil, all chosen for their quality and authenticity. With a focus on tradition and quality, Piola Pastificio is a true taste of Italy.

'At Høre Til' Exhibition & Catalogue Design: A Moving Portrait of 20 Lives Lived with Disabilities.

Exhibition and catalogue design for 'To Belong', showcasing the lives of 20 people with disabilities. The exhibition presents photographs, texts, and audio recordings of the participants, who share their experiences of finding belonging and acceptance. The project aims to challenge common misconceptions about disabilities and emphasizes the importance of seeing people as individuals beyond their disabilities.

Title Graphics for the Documentary 'Last Days of Summer': A Love Letter to the Late Twenties

"Last Days of Summer" is a documentary film directed and produced by Karl Forchhammer that premiered on CPH:DOX in March 2020. It is a love letter to the late twenties, where many people wait for adulthood only to realize it has already arrived. The film follows the lives of three individuals: Tamara, a feminist and hopeless romantic, Sierzput, who is struggling to hold on to his girlfriend, and Ponek, who has broken her own rule and started sleeping with her friends due to sheer boredom. The graphics aim to convey the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia and longing for the past, while also acknowledging the reality of the present.

Visual Identity for The Stasig Archives

Visual identity for The Stasig Archives, a gallery and workshop run by the esteemed Danish photographer and masterprinter, Stig Stasig. The core business of The Stasig Archives involves the production and sale of handcrafted paper works using original photographic processes from 1839-1887. Stig also teaches, gives lectures, and occasionally works as a consultant in photogravure at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

Design for Dmitri Shostakovich's Opera ‘Næsen’ (The Nose) at The Royal Danish Opera

Graphic design concept for the opera ‘Næsen’ (The Nose) by Dmitri Shostakovich at The Royal Danish Opera. We utilized surreal and grotesque imagery, complemented by a muted color palette, to effectively communicate the dark and corrupt society depicted in the opera. By skillfully applying this concept to various materials, including posters and social media graphics, we generated a strong buzz and heightened anticipation for the performance.


Lykkesholms Allé 24A
1902 Frederiksberg C